Meet Our Staff

Bro. David McCarrell

Senior Pastor
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I am Pastor David McCarrell and I have had the honor to serve as the pastor of Pleasant Hill Baptist Church since December of 2007. My wife Jeannie, our two children and I are looking forward to many more years at Pleasant Hill. I announced my calling to ministry in our home church in 2003 and was called to my first church in October of that year. The last 11 years of ministry have been the most blessed years of my life. I also serve as a chaplain for a local hospice and as a volunteer chaplain for the local hospital. It is my pledge to God, my church and you that I will preach the truth straight from the Word of God, rightly divided so that those who hear might be saved and grow in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Come join us and help us to reach our world with the Gospel of Grace.

Bro. Jacob Malone

Associate Pastor
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I am Pastor Jacob Malone and I was blessed to be called as the associate pastor at Pleasant Hill Baptist Church in October of 2014. My wife Katie and I are excited to serve God and people with a church that has been such a blessing in our lives. I announced my call to preach on March 10, 2013 here at Pleasant Hill, and was licensed by the church in August of that year. I am still amazed every day that God has counted me faithful and put me into the ministry. I also work as an apprentice electrician at Laney Electric, a family run business started by my grandfather and uncle. I was saved by Grace through faith. It was not of myself, but a gift of God, not according to my works lest I should boast. My promise is to know nothing save Christ crucified, and to preach no other gospel than the Gospel of Grace: the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. I welcome you to join us as we make this Gospel known to a lost world.